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Writer's Block: Batter up!

From China to the local IHOP, what's your favorite meal involving pancakes?

Scallion pancakes from Garden Fresh in Mountain View. Man, haven't been there for years ...

Flamingo cake - autographed!

I made a cake for a New Year's Day charity concert by one of my favorite groups, Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours:

That's their mascot, Floyd Flamingo.

I gave the guys what was probably their oddest autograph request to date when I handed them an icing tube and asked them to sign the cake! As you can see, they were good sports about it.

Best. Stupid Criminal Story. Ever.

Scammers attempt to pass checks using disappearing ink

The best part? Right here: "... the checks used by the felonious pair were pre-printed with the name and account number of one of them."

iBaked an iCake

My co-worker Aubrey loves his iPhone and its "Words with Friends" game app. Accordingly, I made him a birthday cake that followed suit. It's messy around the edges because I was very, VERY tired when I made it, but overall I think it came out pretty well.

Any resemblance between this game and Scrabble is purely coincidental.

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Oh my lord, we have a Reno show!!!!! Lawlor Event Center, August 21!!!!! More details to come, but right now I'm just stunned and mildly delirious.

Window Decal FAIL

Spotted at Valley Fair, photographed, and duly uploaded to FAILblog:

Window Decal FAIL

MeeMeeMeeMeeMEEMeeMee .....

Beaker's Ode to Joy!


Pride Weekend RHPS Event!